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What is B.E.R. package?

Companies that create or take over business up until December 31th 2024 in the "Bassin d'Emploi à Redynamiser (B.E.R.)" region of French Ardennes will benefit 

5 years of exemption from tax and social security contributions

B.E.R. area

351 municipalities
The Meuse Valley B.E.R. area, in French Ardennes


Eligible activities

  • industrial, commercial or artisanal
  • non-commercial but subject to corporate tax

Possible exemptions

  I.S./I.R. C.E.T. T.F.B. Social security contributions
Start-up Up to 5 years Up to 5 years
Expansion No Up to 5 years Up to 5 years
Takeover Up to 5 years No Up to 5 years

* URSAFF: french organization in charge of social security contributions recovery
I.S.: corporate income tax
I.R.: income tax
C.E.T.: local economic contribution
T.F.B.: property tax

Mandatory condition

Material installation of assets in B.E.R. area

Public subsidies limits for businesses

  • "de minimis" rule


  • as an option, "AFR" area, for 120 municipalities in French Ardennes

Calculate your exemptions

Evaluate for free and in a few minutes the potential exemptions you can benefit from the B.E.R.


B.E.R. guide